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This Comme des Garçons dress makes me feel like I’m almost wearing a painting, a futuristic one or like a Picasso! The Ellery boots are so comfy and cool, great with leather pants and in the black version too…

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Prepare your skin for winter

Along with your autumn detox (cf. article in this magazine), you should start preparing your skin before winter sets in…

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Hyaluronic acid miracle product?

It’s a buzzword in the media, at esthetic medicine practices, and in discussions between friends, but what really is hyaluronic acid? Projecteurs magazine takes a close look at this celebrated substance.

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Fall Detox

Autumn is a shifting season, a period during which nature and all living beings get ready for the rigors of winter. It’s time to prepare your body for old Jack Frost! Naturopaths agree that our bodies are programmed to self-clean during the transition seasons, in other words spring and the fall. So give your body a helping hand before the lack of sun takes its toll. A fall detoxification is perfect for cleansing, purifying and revitalizing your body.

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Healing through meditation?

Meditation is all the rage. The term is used frequently, sometimes incorrectly, and all too often treated in a very superficial way. Yet many people say it is beneficial for the mind, and even the body, with some claiming that it has the power to heal. The book “Meditation Saved My Life” recounts the story of Tibetan monk Phakyab Rinpoché, who found the power within himself to cure his gangrene.

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 Fashion Edito 

fashion edito Projecteurs Magazine I'd miss you baby Dress by La Perla. Olympia Le-Tan bag. Necklace by Erickson Beamon. Delpozo shoes.
culture projecteurs magazine mother by Darren Aronofsky with Jennifer Lawrence and Ed Harris javier bardem poster


Cinema: Mother, Music: Gemme, Litterature: A column of fire…

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